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A great many people abandon their will; notwithstanding, some don’t. In legitimate terms, this implies that the individual has kicked the bucket intestate. On such occasions, a Letter of Administration should be conceded by the competent court to an overseer. The executive will then be the individual liable for controlling the possessions of the deceased by the succession rules that everyone must follow. We can assist you with getting the letter of Administration for this process. Typically, the sum is circulated similarly among what is delegated in Class-I heir, or the departed's direct relations. The kids ought not to be minors. If they are, their portion will be paid by their mother after they turn 18 years old.


A will is a legal document that explicitly states how the person wishes to divide their property after death. If the deceased has died intestate (without writing a will), leaving behind debt and securities, then a document called a succession certificate is needed for collecting debts and securities due to her/him. This certificate also indemnifies the debtors regarding all the payments made or the dealings done in good faith, by the holder of the certificate. This is precisely the reason many people concerned with these types of dealings ask for a succession certificate before beginning the procedure for settling the debts of the deceased with the claimant. A succession certificate is valid throughout India.


IEPF is the last phase of asserting offers from the IEPF Authority. Nonetheless, every organization and registrar initially coordinates financial Authorities in recording IEPF and sending something similar to them. We help with satisfying all prerequisites to empower a financial supporter to fill IEPF by attempting difference in address and updating dating signatures of copy shares conventions in the organization's records. The financial supporter needs to understand why not guaranteeing dividends for a continuous period of seven years is necessary. When KYC is embraced and signatures are refreshed in the organization's records, an Entitlement Letter is given by the organization based on which IEPF can be documented.

Recovery Of Unclaimed Shares / Unclaimed Dividends

As per Section 124 of the Companies Act, 2013, all shares in respect of which dividend has not been paid or claimed for seven consecutive years or more shall be transferred by the organization in the name of Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF). These are the forgotten shares/investments which people tend to forget with time, usually in the case of senior citizens/change of address/lost shares/death of a shareholder, etc. Recovering the unclaimed shares is a very tedious and cumbersome activity. It is nearly impossible for a layman to do an unexpected amount of communication and legal paperwork. We have experts who will help you to get the work done and manage all the required documents.

Provident Fund Claims

We provide service to recover unclaimed Provident Fund which remains unclaimed due to the following in the reasons: -

  • Wrong Name/change of name
  • Not having PF number
  • Not having UAN/ Unactive UAN
  • Incomplete KYC
  • Incomplete Information seeded by the company
  • Closure of bank account
  • Death of Provident fund holder
  • Company refused to sign and attest the claim

Demat Of Shares

SEBI has by a new notification made the physical transfer of shares ineligible w.e.f. 1st April 2019. Accordingly, organizations are encouraging all holders of protections in physical structure to dematerialize their shares. Dematerialization is the process by which a physical share is changed over into computerized design. An investor needs to dematerialize the share endorsement requirements to open a Demat account with a DP (Depository Participant). The investor needs to mutilate and give the authentications over to change over them into an electronic structure which thusly is shipped off his Demat account. The process can be checked electronically utilizing affirmation demand. Demat is protected, secure and advantageous. It additionally decreases the gamble of mutilation, misfortune, and burglary. We help you by interfacing you with dependable broking houses

Loss Of Share Certificates

A Share Certificate is a marked report for the benefit of a Company that fills in as lawful confirmation of responsibility for the number of shares demonstrated. Being a paper, it is inclined to · Mutilation · Theft · Lost on the way · Misuse for an investor, it will be an extraordinary misfortune. Just sit back and relax, we know how to handle these circumstances the quick way.

Resolving Change Of Address / Signature Mismatch

We have specialists in case you changed your place and neglected to update similar in the Corporation, or the event of a signature mismatch. We can assist you with keeping the data and assist with getting back you’re in some way lost investments.


A probated will expects importance as it lays out the legitimate person of the agent as the individual liable for executing the items in the will. The probate interaction is the most vital move toward settling claims and circulating how much the departed. There are likewise a few cases in which a will/testament has not been executed and subsequently, the sum turns into an unclaimed property

Recovery Of Shares

Demat accounts and paperless share trading was not always the standard. As odd as it may seem, until the generation before, shares and debentures were traded in physical form. The business states that from April 1, 2019, Any Investor who wishes to transfer Shares (which are held in physical form) may only do so once the Shares have been dematerialized. It was impossible to stack copies of several share certificates and maintain them secure for years. The Possibility of share certificates being taken, misplaced, torn or damaged, lost, forgotten, or unknown to the family of the original shareholder existed at all times.

  • Dematerialization
  • Transmission of Shares
  • Signature Mismatch
  • IEPF Claim
  • Transfer of shares
  • Misplaced Share Certificates
  • Name Change
  • Recovery of Mutual Funds
Any complications with real shares or debenture paperwork can be completely resolved by Care4share. With problems including share transfers, nominee claims, name erasure or amendment, and more, our experts assist customers. Additionally, we have experts that can help you recover unclaimed monies from stolen or destroyed share certificates.

IEPF Claim

If we speak about the IEPF (Investor Education & Protection Fund) which is the authority that lies under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. The main reason for the transfer of Dividend or shares is they are unclaimed and being unclaimed for Continuous 7 years. Once the shares are transferred to IEPF Authority then for claiming back shares the investor has to reach or approach the IEPF and the Particular Nodal Officer for the same. And if the investor wants someone as a representative to approach IEPF instead of him so he had to go to the authority with the Authorisation Letter and with Govt. an approved id. The nodal officer will verify the company and verify all the documents as submitted then ultimately approach IRPF to claim the shares. Make sure for holding in each separate company; separate claims have to be filed in IEPF authority. Claiming back of shares can be done through online mode and then the Documents are to be submitted with the IEPF authority as Physical documents.

Recovery Of Mutual Funds

Hundreds of crores are lying unclaimed in the form of redemption amounts of mutual funds. Care4shares amounts mutual fund redemption services that are not claimed for certain reasons.

  • Mismatch of name/change of name
  • Change of address
  • Death of mutual fund holder
  • Closure of bank account
  • Mismatch of signature
If you do not know the details about a mutual fund, remember the name of the mutual house in which you have invested, our experts will be able to look up the information and recover these unclaimed mutual funds. ABOUT: We provide service in the redemption of Mutual Fund which remote aims unclaimed due to the following reasons: -  Mismatch of the name/change of name  Mismatch of signature  Change of address  Closure of bank account  Death of mutual fund holder Having details of Mutual funds is important for claiming Mutual Funds. And if you can just recall the name of the Mutual Fund House where the investment was made and not the specifics of the mutual fund. If the mutual fund redemption amount or the dividend amount remains unclaimed for 3 years, it will be considered unclaimed and invested by Mutual Fund Houses in the money market. And if it remains in the claim for another 10 years, it is transferred to Senior Citizen Welfare Fund, from where normally it cannot be claimed after 25 years.

Delisted Share

Delisting of shares or securities means the removal of securities of a listed company from a stock exchange the consequences of delisting exchange and no longer existence of that share in the market or the stock exchange. If a person the share is stock exchange still a shareholder, to the extent of several shares so you can’t sell these several exchanges can tell you have to sell the share outside the stock exchange.

Life insurance claims

A formal request by the policyholder to claim the amount from policyholder pay for coverage of compensation for a covered loss or poof compensation the following things we can ask for compensation Like:-

  • Accident
  • Ask hospital Compensation
  • After death insurance
  • Car and bike Insurance

DEBT Recovery

Debt recovery is like when a loan or a credit card balance continues to go unpaid so the bank or any person had to hire third-party known as collector whether frothy m bank department or other sources to recover the unpaid money focusing on the collection of money. If we go on with the legal aspect Henan order 37 of CPC deal with recovering money for the debtor or where the plaintiff has to recover a debt or liquidated amount.